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How long will the app be unavailable/taking a break for?



  • John Sienicki

    Starting to feel like this app is about to do a rug pull relatively soon. It's been “under maintenance” for at least a month and gives people gift cards instead of real money like they were promised. Just give me my 45 dollars so I don't ever have to open this app again please

  • Aletha Cuddie

    I’m so confused why it’s taking so long to do a haul over on an app! Unless they plan on making it where u have to pay to use the app in any kind of way. No longer having it as free to use with all the perks .. I bet we will have to pay a monthly payment to use the app.. and only will get the very small things to use in a free version ! It’s what all the apps are doing ! To use any part of the apps these days we have to now pay monthly memberships! It’s funny cause I can literally do what they do myself on my laptop and it’s free .. the app just makes it easier .. but I’m tired of all the membership fees for these apps and won’t pay unless it’s a necessary thing I need in life and this is not necessary ! I’m off to calculate my own stuff thanks steady but I’m deleting u today!

  • Denise Rufo

    What on earth is taking so long? This app hasn't worked in 22 months? Who do u have "working" on supposedly making Steady so much better? I literally could have trained a lab rat to have done this faster... WTF? 

  • Denise Rufo

    Oh and by the way you're stupid app, if I hit a number it actually doubles as if i hit it twice but didn't.. real good job rejects

  • Adam Oliver

    R.I.P. Steady


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