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I completed a Booster and I'm still waiting for my booster money. Will I get paid?



  • Angelica Guillory

    I sent proof of completed boosters from September and still haven’t received a response or payment since the last email I sent on February 1.

  • Nickole Thompson

    That’s not true because I he been waiting for over 6 months and still haven’t received anything!!

  • Katherine Pickens

    I've been waiting for almost 3 years on payment for 3 of mine.... I've emailed, sent info requested, gotten maybe 1 or 2 responses then it goes cold.... I email more and still nothing aside from continual waiting that apparently isn't going to happen. These were boosters that involved in my opinion a substantial amount of money to complete as well. Now my small boosters I've not had much trouble it has been only the bigger payout ones

  • Matthew Klodt

    One can only wonder whether or not this is the reason why Steady is ‘taking a break’… Probably got in trouble for not paying out all of the rewards that they had promised. I haven't used this app in YEARS, but ran into the same issue after finally completing some of the more arduous, lengthy, and in some cases, EXPENSIVE tasks. Thankfully I was always sable to get a hold of Steady's support, however the tracking script or system they were using was pretty terrible.


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